Recycling units

Recycling units

Flushing of residual concrete from batching plants and truck-mixers and its re-usage. The principle is based on dividing of gravel and rough sand from the sludge water.

The principle is based on dividing of gravel and rough sand from the sludge water that enables further usage of these materials. This environmentally friendly device creates closed cycle in the concrete mixture production. The recycling reduces consumption of raw material and minimizes material waste.

Flushed aggregate is stored on the dump and from there it is transported back into the production. Sludge water which arose during this process is stored in reservoirs that are equipped with clarifiers. This water can be pumped back into the water scale in batching plant by the help of special pumps. 

The portfolio of company's MERKO CZ recycling units includes three types of facilities with work performance from 9 to 20 m3/hour. The concept of the device is designed for the whole year operation and the device may be equipped with a paneling or other additional equipment such as hydraulically operated pump for washing of pumps for concrete mixture. Recycling unit may be placed on hard concrete foundation or mobile base only.


Drum recycling unit

Stationary above ground unit with theoretical output of washing-out 9 mᵌ/hour (RZB 9). Washing drum consists of a cylindrical vessel made from steel sheet. The inner perimeter of the drum is equipped with a spiral which moves a rough material to the back part of the drum, where this material is taking in by paddles on the vibratory feeder and from there it is put on the yard.  Wash drum works on counter-flow system. The water is lead into the back part of the drum against the direction of flushed material movement that enables its proper flushing.

Screw recycling unit

Screw recycling unit with exchangeable kevels of screw with theoretical output of flushing 12mᵌ/hour. It can be delivered in stationary (RZS 12) or mobile (RZM 12) version.
The mobile version is fixed on the steel supportive frame together with small re-pumping vessel, switchboard and supportive wall for separated aggregates. Sludge water is transported into the big mobile vessel.

Conical recycling unit

This recycling unit is equipped with slow-run screw for efficient material flushing and separation of independent parts of concrete mixture. The development of such equipment is a response to our client's requirements to recycle larger volume of material.Conical recycling unit can be delivered in two sizes, respectively with output of 15mᵌ/hour (RZV 15) and 20mᵌ/hour (RZV 20). This kind of recycling unit is able to wash two truck-mixers at the same time.