Mobile batching plants

Mobile batching plants

We offers wide range of mobile batching plants from small compact plants suitable to be placed directly to the building site with the output of 25 mᵌ/hour, to big plants with the output of 200 mᵌ/hour.

Mobile plants are especially used for the production of ready mix concrete. The main purpose of the mobile implementation of batching plant is its ability of fast assembly and subsequently also rapid disassembly for quick setting in a new production location.

As there is increasing emphasis made on plants' mobility and its easy relocation, the company MERKO CZ, a.s. constantly broadens this category of plants and currently offers mobile batching plants in several modifications that allow carry out the requirements of both small construction companies as well as large companies that works on large construction projects. The undoubted advantage of these plants is that there is no need of standard building preparedness as they are settled on mobile bases and placed on reinforced area. 

The development of all different kinds of mobile batching plants has been consulted with many of our customers so the design conform all technical needs and also all requirements of current trends. Necessary to ensure the mobility of the plant is its easy assembly and disassembly so it can be quickly used in the building area while the high quality of performance remains unchanged.

Conception of batching plant is solved as fanfold construction of separate containers that ensures its easy transport and assembly. Independent units are completed during the assembly works on reinforced area, or concrete foundation. The equipment is applicable for the whole year operation. Batching plant is equipped with the control system for fully automatic control. To ensure the mobility of the whole equipment, the control system is linked with the control room by the transfer cable only.

Types of mobile batching plants

  1. type MB: Series of mobile batching plants MB are conceived as compact equipment with compartment aggregate bin that is closely connected to the mixing center. This means that aggregate bin made a part of the whole technology and due this decreases demands on the landscape. Weighing of aggregates proceeds in the skip conveyor by the help of weighing frame which is placed on tensors.
  2. type MBS: Unlike the compact version of MB, the MBS series of batching plants are designed with linear aggregates bin, where the weighting of aggregates proceeds on the weighing belt that is placed under the aggregates bin and then transported into the mixer by the help of  skip conveyor. Part of the batching plant's equipment is also a mobile implementation of jacketing. Today, the company MERKO CZ, a.s. delivers such plants in three possible sizes with the performance from 80 up to 120 m3/hour.
  3. type MBP: A third type of mobile plant is different in a way how the aggregate is transported into the mixer. Instead of skip conveyor, the inclined conveyor belt is used there.  Aggregates bin is linear, weighing of aggregates proceeds on the weighing belt that is placed under the aggregates bin. The output of this batching plant is from 80 up to 160 m3/hour. This mobile batching plant can be assembled as in a longitudinal direction or in the direction when the aggregates bin is vertical to the conveyor belt and makes the shape of the letter L. In a special case it is possible to supply this kind of equipment with the output up to 200 m3/hour.   
Batching plant can be supplied with other additional devices such as heating system that ensures the operation also during the winter period and recycling system.