We have the capacity to offer also solution for atypical plants including their conversion as a significant part of the company's activities is the reconstruction and modernization.

The company carries out reconstructions, replacement of old equipment and the modernization of existing plant in the scope of individual customer's requirements.

Part of a complex treatment is an examination and professional assessment of the current stage of the batching plant and then proposal of the optimal up to date solution.

During the reconstruction, the original device is supplemented with new modern elements of the control system, weighing systems and dosage device.

The time and technical demandingness of such reconstruction is always consulted and agreed with the customer to minimize dead plate and to keep maximum effectiveness of the assembly.

Reconstruction and modernization of batching plants

  • The evaluation of the current stage of the equipment
  • Proposal of the most suitable solution
  • Designer works
  • Enlargement of mixer and increasing of the plant's output
  • Modernization of dosing systems
  • Modernization of cement and gravel economy
  • New control system
  • Replacement and modernization of the whole equipment