Standard batching plants are settled with pan or twin-shaft mixers.
Special mixing plants equipped with one to three planetary mixers.

The production of pan and twin-shaft mixers is carried out separately in the production area of the company MERKO CZ, a.s. and we also supply other types of mixers in cooperation with the other manufacturers. The company MERKO CZ, a.s. also provides service of mixers and spare parts supply to the mixer.

Pan mixers

Pan mixers are designed for the production of ready-mix concrete and concrete mixtures for wet cast. It is a proven concept of mixer with vertical shaft which is attached to the rotor with the settlement of mixing arms. The gearbox of mixer is located inside the construction to fix the mixer's rotor from its lower part.

The output of mixers is from 0,3 to 3 mᵌ of fresh concrete mixture per batch.

Twin-shaft mixers

Twin-shaft mixers are designed for the production of ready-mix concrete. Twin-shaft system consists of two parallel horizontal shafts with mixing arms and blades with contra flow move. Arms with paddles create a three-dimensional mixing effect. The mixing process itself proceeds in middle of the mixer that has a positive effect on the wear on the wear plates. Gera boxes are large enough to provide required performance and mixing of concrete mixtures with low consistency. Mixer can be equipped with an automatic lubricating system.

The output of twin-shaft mixers is from 1,0 to 4,0 mᵌ of fresh concrete mixture per batch.

Planetary mixers

Planetary mixers are especially designed for the production of wet cast, dry cast, heavy and lightweight concrete. The mixer uses counter current mixing system that together with free inner space allows perfect homogenizing of mixture. The advantage of the counter current mixing system is that all energy is transformed directly into the mixing concrete mixture.

The output of planetary mixers is from 0,33 to 2 mᵌ of fresh concrete mixture per batch.

Other mixers

We can also provide our clients with mixers for the production of special mixtures, dry mixtures, etc. These mixers can be delivered in dosing or continual design.