Production and realization process

Production and realization process

The production of batching plant starts with the proposal of the most suitable solution that  meets all client's requirements and at the same time fulfill optimal conditions for its operation.

The company MERKO CZ has its own team of professional draftsmen. Centralization of commercial activities, projection and production base in one place allows immediate consultation and solving of various situations in all stages of the production process.    

Independent parts of batching plant are produced by qualified workers in production hall that is equipped with the most modern technology. Thanks to sufficient space, working experience and modern equipment, the company is able to produce and complete several plants at the same time.

Assembling and inspection of the equipment before the shipping allows to find and correct any possible defect and to prepare the equipment for its easy assembly. When the produced equipment is completed and equipped with all technological components, the test of the equipment's functionality is carried out. After the overall control, functional tests and final adjustment, batching plant is disassembled into several parts to ensure its easy transport and then it is shipped from the production area to its final destination.

Assembly and commissioning are carried out by staff with long-term experience. An important part of the assembly itself is also the operators' training in both fields: the operation of the equipment itself and regular maintenance of the equipment, so they are able to prevent any malfunction, and to contribute to the excellent reliability and the durability of the machine.

A vital part of the whole delivery is guarantee of warranty and after warranty service that is carried out by service teams 24 hours a day. Technical support and specific service can be also carried out through the remote management of batching plant's control system.