Heating system

Heating system

To ensure the operation during winter or poor weather conditions it is necessary to equip batching plants with heating of mixing water and system of aggregates and space tempering by hot air.

Water and heat-holding devices may be placed directly in the space of the batching plant or in the movable container. The fuel base – proposed thermal device can operate with a connection to the distribution of natural gas, propane or electricity, ELTO.

Water management

In the framework of the water system realization we also solve the water supply from other sources than is the water main - wells, natural as well as artificial water tanks, water flows, accumulation vessels. Regardless of the possibility of water heating it is necessary to ensure an adequate water pressure and the quantity of mixing water. In the absence of sufficient water quantity, the storage tank is required. When the water pressure is insufficient, an automatic pressure station is required.

Heating of mixing water

Heating system of mixing water is solved individually for each case according to the local conditions and client's requirements. Mixing water can be prepared in two ways:

  • flow way
    the required amount of water is prepared according to the immediate needs of the production
  • storing method
    in order to ensure a sufficient amount of heated water, the insulated and pressure-free container is used in which water is heated by the time when there is no production. During the production process, the water the container is only heated. This method is recommended in cases where the batching plant is supplied with water from alternative sources, i.e. it is not connected to the water main. Mixing water is transported to the water scale by the help of the AT station, which is connected to the storage container by draft tubes.

Heating of air

The system of air heating of aggregates' tempering in the reservoir uses specially designed air nozzles. Device for air heating itself consists of the air heating and high pressure fan generator that is fixed on the distribution tubes which lead to the extraction place. Type of selected device depends on the type of used fuel. The tempering the batching plant's space - a source of heating is the air-heating unit or blazing unit.

Cooling system

Counterpoint to the heating system is cooling system. We have started to develop the cooling system as a response to the need of the market, particularly in southern Europe. Nowadays it is possible to solve the cooling system by four ways:

  1. cooling of mixing water
  2. cooling of the mixture in mixer by the help of floating ice
  3. cooling of cement by the help of nitrogen
  4. cooling of the mixture that is already in truck-mixer by the help of nitrogen

Concrete cooling may be made by the above mentioned methods, or their combination to achieve the best possible cooling effect. In general it can be said that from the physical point of view and in the light of the efficiency, the best cooling method is a combination of cooling water and ice. This type of cooling is, however, investment and spatially demanding. On the contrary, cooling of cement and direct cooling of concrete mixture in truck-mixer are technically simple and less demanding methods.