Special mixing plants

Special mixing plants

Production of special concrete mixtures, in particular the production of pre-cast goods, atypical mixing plants for dry mixtures, mech. reinforced aggregates or aggregates reinforced by cement.

These units are designed individually, according to particular client's need. Mixing plants can be delivered either in horizontal or tower design, and also in mobile or stationary design, placed next to the production hall or even inside it. Mixing plants can be equipped with one to three mixers and provided with modern control and dosing system, and the system that will ensure transport of produced concrete mixture further into the production hall.

Mixing plants for the production:

  • pre-cast goods
  • spatial concrete elements (concrete beams, bar elements, supporting poles, sleepers, etc.)
  • hollow panels
  • lightened concrete mixtures (e.g. liapor and ecostyren)
  • dry material, clue, binders
  • mechanically reinforced aggregates


Part of the delivery of mixing plant is also complete solution of concrete mixtures' transport to extraction site in the production hall, including projects and realization of runway and its connection to the control system.

Technical solution of concrete mixtures' transport into the production hall is chosen according to the specific conditions and according to the number and size of mixers (swinging carts, carts with the lower opening or conveyor belts).


The company MERKO CZ, a.s. also supplies its customers with the dosing equipment for special dry or liquid additives that are added into the concrete mixtures – steel staples (Dramix), steel small shots, microsilic, polymers fibres, etc.

Plant can be supplied with other additional devices such as heating system that to ensures the operation in winter period and recycling system.