Tower batching plants

Tower batching plants

Stationary units with high performance, designed for both, the production of ready mix, and the production of pre-cast mixtures for production of concrete elements and products.

Their technological solutions belong to the most progressive among devices for the production of concrete mixtures.

Aggregates bin is placed above the mixing center, i.e. above the mixer and weighing systems. Bin is made by steel screwed and welded structure that is divided into 4 up to 8 chambers, according to client's requirement. Transport of aggregates into the bin proceeds by the help of bucket elevator, Z-transporter or conveyor belt. Subsequent distribution of aggregates into particular chambers is carried out by the help of rotary distributor that is located above the aggregates bin. Output of such standard equipment is from 45 mᵌ/hour to 160 mᵌ/hour.

Advantages of tower batching plants

  • higher output - direct dosing of aggregates into the scale, no time loss associated with weighing on regular basis (in a skip or on the belt)
  • big standby aggregates reserve - system enables storage of all needed kinds of aggregates, there are no additional external stock-yards and aggregates in bin is covered and tempered
  • easy heating - batching plant together with aggregates bin makes compact unit which is the reason for easier aggregates tempering plus warm air rise up to the bin
  • spatially modest project - there is no need of placing the aggregates bin next to the mixing center and also there is no need of any external stock yards

Part of delivery is also paneling of batching plant. In most cases, the aggregates bin is covered by trapeze sheets with wool insulation, and mixing center (the part below the bin) is equipped with sandwich panels.

Batching plant can be supplied with other additional devices such as heating system that to ensures the operation in winter period and recycling system.