Building activities

Building activities

Company MERKO CZ, a.s. performs construction activity since 1991. It deals with small repairs of the houses and also with medium-sized buildings and industrial objects.

In the framework of comprehensive services, the company MERKO CZ, a.s. provides all the preparatory work associated with the construction that begins with the consultation with client's through the land polarization, design documentation with all variety of the architectural options, both technical and technological solutions and an economic aspect. Our design office can make out the object representation in the format of 3D, where you can see the object in detail.


  • repairs of small housing units and family houses
  • building works and reconstructions
  • building of new houses
  • realization of interiors
  • industrial buildings
  • technological units and equipment
  • steel constructions and halls
  • designer activitiesexcavation work and base slabs

Modern technology application

The knowledge of new technological processes and material and their application in practice allows the possibility to successfully realize a large range of various types of buildings, from houses to demanding industrial building, where there are placed requirements for high quality implementation from the technological point of view, safety and the long term functionality.

In a scope of finishing work, the company MERKO CZ, a.s. also realizes interior equipment according to the project prepared in advance, incl. restoration of original stucco and paintings.